2021 challenge fabric

By Carol McRae and Jenni Black 


Get ready to be creative! This year's Challenge Quilt will be announced at the September Guild  meeting. The Committee has purchased 3 yards of colorful fabric, a piece of which must be included on the front of your Challenge Quilt entry. 



Minimum Size: 36" x 36"    

Maximum Size: 40" x 60" 



Depending on how many quilters sign up for the  Challenge at the September meeting determines how  large your piece of fabric will be. . . If a large number of quilters sign up, your piece will be smaller,  but if only a few sign up it will be larger. Remember, we have 3 yards!  


IMPORTANT: If you plan to sign up for the 2021-22 Challenge, and will not be at the  September meeting, please ask another member to put your name on the list. That way we'll be able to save a piece of the Challenge fabric for you.  


All entries will be displayed and voted on at the April 2022 meeting. Now is the time to start  thinking about what you see in this fabric and how you will turn it into an award winning quilt!

Announcing the 2021-22 Challenge Quilt