September 2021

September General Membership Meeting Program 


Date: Tuesday, September 7th 

Title: "Tips, Tricks, and Techniques" 

As we begin another LOQG year, let's start off with a fun program called "Tips, Tricks and  Techniques''. We're asking members to bring their favorites... it might be a favorite notion or tool or attachment. . . maybe time saving, money saving or space saving tips... or how to reuse  items from the home or studio. We will be compiling all your responses into a booklet that can  be printed or electronically downloaded. 

Just use this form to submit your favorite. You can include a URL that you  found helpful; for example, a YouTube video or favorite tutorial. Or you can send any  associated photos you take with your cell phone or tablet to  Then, at our September meeting you can make a short presentation to share your tip, trick or  technique. We'll also have pen and paper at the September meeting for any last-minute tips,  tricks and techniques you haven't already submitted. 

We are a very creative group of quilters...let's share our favorite tips, tricks and techniques so  each of us can discover something new to make quilting fun!