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February 2020 
The next Guild Meeting will be Tues, Feb 4, at the Lutheran Church.
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Please consider joining the leadership of your Guild!  It is an honor and an opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the Membership.  Please sign up for an Officer or a Committee position.  Position descriptions may be found in the By-laws which are posted on the website.
Thank you!



We are at 97 Members; can we make it an even 100?  With the enthusiasm of our Members, I think we can!

The program last month was so interesting!  I love hearing about the journey that successful Quilters have taken to reach their current destination, and Jennifer McClanahan was no exception.  I also enjoyed the needle-turn applique workshop that followed; perhaps I’ll get more confident in this process. 

This month’s Speaker and workshop should be inspiring to all of us who have quilt tops begging to become a real quilt!  For those who want to follow the online world of quilting your own quilt, I would like to suggest Angela Walters’, ” Free-Motion Challenge Quilting Along”.    Another good Blogger to follow to develop quilting skills is Leah Day, (  Both of these links provide numerous free videos for you to watch as you work toward improving your own skills.

I’m sure there are many more out there, so please feel free to link them on the LOQG Facebook page.  I know that I have a lot to learn and would love to see everyone’s favorite Quilters.

The Executive Board has been busy gathering information for a well-known Speaker for our Guild program in the next year or so.  We have several fish on the hook, so keep your fingers crossed that we can put at least one of them in our lake (Lake Oconee that is!).  In the meantime, we are also looking at filling in programs for next year, so please let Theresa Jackson know your ideas and suggestions.

Cookie is looking to fill the Board for next year.  Bring your “I will do it” attitude to our February meeting and write your name next to one of the available positions. 

I look forward to seeing all of you in February!  It promises to be a great gathering of friends who also happen to quilt!


LIBRARY - Carol McRae & Donna Blackwell 

Books Due in February

“Heritage Quilts”                              Jane Harding
“Super Simple Strips:   -                  Linda Huggins
”Machine Quilting”                            Suzy Kurelic
 Simply Strips & Squares -
“Successful Machine Quilting”         Karen Sapp
 “Machine Freehand Patterns


SOCIAL - Kathy Sands & Gloria Pingry

Happy February!! Time for roses, chocolate and quilting too.  If anybody makes chocolate dipped strawberries , I know a group of Quilters who would love to taste them.  I'll even make the coffee!
See you all at the meeting.


MEMBERSHIP - Kathy Henderson & Becky Kercado

Please extend a warm welcome to Karen Sapp as a new Member of the guild!  Also we have two past Members who renewed in January:  Barbara Richardson and Bea Ekstrom making a total of 97 active Members.  A hearty welcome to both of them as well! We look forward to seeing you on February 4th!
WAYS AND MEANS – Pat Gray & Martha Herb

Tickets for the Raffle quilt will be on sale again at the February guild meeting.  So far,  about 70% of our members have picked up their tickets.  This year, we're aiming for 100% participation, so if you haven't gotten your tickets, please remember to bring $25 (cash or check made out to LOQG) for your 30 tickets.
Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 4th, to help sell Raffle tickets at the Madison-fest at Town Park in Madison.   This is a great chance to promote our Guild, as well as interest others in the art of quilting.
We will need Members to help with set-up and take down as well as selling tickets.  Sign-up sheet will be on the piano at our Guild meeting.



Planning for Quilt Retreat March 2020 is complete and ready for Participants' review! Kay Dejno and Sally McKinley have prepared the Agenda and List of Supplies and Helpful Hints to make participation as painless and fun-filled as possible! Please go to the LOQG Webpage to find the information you will need. The agenda and list of supplies can be downloaded and printed from there.

Names of Guild Members who have signed up for Retreat 2020 can be accessed in the Members' Only page of the website.

PROGRAMS - Shari Ball and Theresa Jackson

 Our March program will feature Macon Quilt Artist, Sandy Gilreath.
Living the Blue Life” -  “My newest lecture features quilts made using blue fabrics.  I include quilts that use commercial fabric, authentic African indigo fabrics, and fabrics of all types that have been made blue in my indigo dye pot.  Stained, tattered, vintage linens have a new life in my studio” –  Sandy Gilreath
The project for the afternoon class is a collage.  Participants may use their sewing machines; however, it is not necessary, as hand work will be done.  Sandy will provide materials.  However, if a student has fabric, buttons, embroidery pieces or other enhancements that they specifically they want to use, they can bring those with them.
The cost for the class is $60.

RAFFLE TABLE - Anneleas Greene & Sonya Winterrowd
We are Gung Ho for 2020!  We have amazing items for the January meeting.  Come on back, visit and buy your tickets.  A wool pressing mat is among the items.  The more you buy, the more we can purchase.

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