Lake Oconee Quilt Guild Newsletter    June 2018
REMINDER: The next Guild meeting and Members-only luncheon are June 5, 2018.
In this issue: PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE - Carolyn Wren

First, I want to thank everybody who helped make this year a very good one.  We had some first-rate Speakers and Teachers.  I could not have asked for a better outcome!
Also, we had our Museum Quilt Show.  I want to thank everybody who helped make that happen. Quilts loaned for display at the Museum Quilt Show will be returned to Members at our June 5th Guild Meeting. 
Be sure to bring your Challenge Quilts in June.  If you didn’t get to sign up for food, just bring whatever you want; we usually have a pretty good variety.  I’m looking forward to our last meeting of the year and to welcome in your new Officers.

JUNE LUNCHEON - Sally McKinley

Please note this change in plans: For those who can, I will be setting up for the Luncheon on Tuesday morning at 7:30 the church.  If you can help set up, it would be greatly appreciated.  It shouldn't take that long to do - nothing fancy.  If anyone has the right-left card game played with fat quarters, please bring it to the Luncheon.  That being said, if you would like to participate, it would be a good time to get rid of any fat quarters you no longer want.
As in for set up, I will also need some extra hands in clean up afterwards.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
If you did not sign up for a dish, not to worry, just bring whatever you would like to prepare.

PROGRAMS - Barb Pailloz

I would like to thank the four ladies who signed up to help with Bonnie Hunter's workshop, Kathy Sands, Carolyn White, Carolyn Wren and Kathryn Roper and all the others that pitched in to help with setting up and tearing down.  Many hands make light work.

LIBRARY - Kathy Sands & Jenni Black

Hail and farewell from Jenny and me. We've had a great year at the library table and warmly welcome our new Librarians, Donna Blackwell and Carol McCrae.
Our new book this month is Bonnie Hunter's latest one "Addicted to Scraps".  If you just took her workshop, you'll really enjoy this book.
We'll be checking out books this month for the whole Summer; charge is $2.00 per book.  So get them while they last!
Books due back:
"Make Any Block Any Size"- Donna Blackwell
"The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting"- Joyce Dell
"Easy Paper-Pieced Keepsake Quilts"- Carol McCrae
"Flip Flop Paper Piecing"- Gloria Pingry
"25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls,Layer Cakes and Charm Packs"- Mary Ellen Shannon
Have a great Summer and keep quilting!

MEMBERSHIP - Libba Holmes, Julie Elder

***Membership Alert***
Please bring your $25.00 annual dues check or cash with you to our June 5 luncheon/meeting so you will be able to transition smoothly into next year.  If you bring cash, correct change is always preferable since we do not keep a lot of money at the Membership table.  
Wow!  What a record-buster attendance we had for Bonnie Hunter’s presentation!   80 Guild Members remembered to sign in, plus 15 guests from all over Georgia, and Bonnie Hunter herself, were present for a total of 96 people in recorded attendance.  And wasn’t it fun!
As our Membership term draws to a close, we want everyone to know how much we have appreciated getting to know you a little better and for all your help, patience, and encouragement.   It has been our privilege and pleasure to serve in the area of Membership for the past two years.  Please welcome the new Membership Team for the 2018-2019 guild year:  Margie Read and Kathy Henderson.  
Hope to see everyone at the June 5 luncheon (with your $25).
WAYS AND MEANS - Kathryn Roper

Drawing for the Queen Size  Raffle Quilt (87.5 “ by 96.5”) will be June 5th, 2018, the last meeting of this LOQG year.  This beautiful quilt is an original design by Mary Kay Mouton and was constructed by Mary Kay and 32 other Guild Members from fabrics largely donated by even more Members.  The quilt has 2310 pieces; 414 turned-edge applique, 1437 pieces on the front and 459 pieces on the back, and long-arm quilted by Carol McRae. 
Tickets  sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  Tickets are bundled in packets of 30 for $25.00. 

RAFFLE TABLE - Sally McKinley

Since Connie contributed SO MUCH to our Raffle Table, t
here will be lots of goodies to choose from. Be sure to bring extra money for tickets, as we will have the Raffle Table set up. .
Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.


Members should go to the LOQG Website to access important documents just added today. These documents were too lengthy to include in this Newsletter, therefore, they have been published on the Website in the Members Only section. Topics are: Stefan Thomas Arts-in-Bloom Workshop, and 2018/2019 Board of Directors Survey.   These documents will also be published on our LOQG FB page. Please note that the Survey may take a few seconds to open before download.

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