Lake Oconee Quilt Guild Newsletter    Nov 2017
REMINDER: The next Guild meeting is Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 at Harmony Community Center.
In this issue: CHALLENGE QUILTS 

Given all the many activities and  distractions in our lives, we often need to be reminded of the fun things we have planned but put on hold! Since the Challenge Quilt theme for this year is entitled, "My Delight”,  making a special quilt for the Challenge should be one thing you don't forget!. The creation has to be a quilt of unspecified size, and cannot be a garment, or purse. Take a few hours this month to put your "Delight" into stitching your Challenge Quilt.

I hope that all of you saw the news article and photograph in the Lake Oconee News, 27 Oct, publicizing the 30 quilts made by Members to be shipped to Texas for hurricane victims. Thank you to all those who participated and to Geri Wires for facilitating this worthwhile project.

PROGRAMS - Barb Pailloz

You can still get into the Christmas workshop on November 8th with Paula Tanner, so sign up at the Program table.  She will take you through a variety of embellishment possibilities with a holiday theme.  For the meeting bring a handmade Christmas item to show that you’ve made yourself or were given.
In January, Gini Cawood will be here to walk you through English paper piecing.  She teaches at John C. Campbell Folk School and has lots of ideas.  There will be plenty of samples to sign up for at the Program table.  You can sign up for one or two of the projects.
In February, Mark Sherman will be here with his remarkable stained glass class.  His quilts have received many awards and his quilt, Wisteria, is now part of the Permanent Founder’s Collection in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  Go look on his website at:  http:\\
While you’re at the Program table be sure to introduce yourself to Nancy Stafford as she is a new member and has volunteered to help with Programs.


LIBRARY - Kathy Sands

Blessings on everyone for November. Crisp, cool weather is just right for quilting.
As you know, we won't have our library table this month since we're in a different location, but we will be back in December.
Books due:
AQS Publishing -"Carolina Lily"- Linda Huggins
Fasset's Kaffe -"Heritage Quilts"- Jane Hellwege
Hargrove, Harriet -"Heirloom Machine Quilting"- Kay Dejno
Marston,Gwen - "American Beauties: Rose and Tulip Quilts"- Linda Huggins
Mitchell,Mart - "Successful Machine Quilting" - Margie Read
Moore,Nan - “Machine Freehand Patterns" - Pam Parrish

MEMBERSHIP - Libba Holmes, Julie Elder

Welcome to new members Kaye Hlavaty and Helene Perez, who joined at our October meeting.  We also had one guest and 62 members who signed in on the roster for a total of 65 people recorded present.  If you forget to initial the roster, we don’t record your attendance, so please help us keep more accurate records by signing in each month.  It is also a good idea to check your information at least once a year to make sure we have the most up-to-date phone number and email address.  
Thank you for wearing your name tags which  really helps us to get to know you.  New members may pick theirs up at the membership table.  
Don’t forget:  the name of each member who has paid dues for the 2017-2018 year goes into the door prize drawing each month.  If you are not sure if you paid, the Membership team has a list of those who haven’t paid and can check to see if your name is on it. 
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Community Center next to Silver Moon for our November 7 meeting!

WAYS AND MEANS - Kathryn Roper

Raffle tickets are on sale for our Queen Size quilt (87.5 “ by 96.5”).  Drawing will be June 5th, 2018, the last meeting of this LOQG year.  This beautiful quilt is an original design by Mary Kay Mouton and was constructed by Mary Kay and 32 other Guild Members from fabrics largely donated by even more Members.  The quilt has 2310 pieces; 414 turned-edge applique, 1437 pieces on the front and 459 pieces on the back, and long-arm quilted by Carol McRae.
Tickets will sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  Tickets are bundled in packets of 30 for $25.00.  The goal is for each Member to purchase a $25.00 packet; more would be great!  If you are unable to sell your packet, please inform me so that I can sell your tickets to other Members.
Selling 30 tickets for this spectacular quilt should be easy!

RAFFLE TABLE - Sally McKinley

We will have lots of goodies on the Raffle Table this month, so make sure you bring lots of extra dollars!  Remember, the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances to win and the more neat stuff I can buy for next month’s Table!

LOQG QUILT SHOW - Linda Huggins

 LOQG  Ladies, this is your Quilt Show, please submit your quilts!

A quilt show has been arranged for the LOQG members to be held at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art,  Buckhead (Morgan Co.) GA, from April 5 through June 2nd, 2018.  Since there is space for only 50 quilts,  the museum has asked that the quilts displayed be limited to juried (ribbon) quilts from any quilt show (not just LOQG).   The steering committee is Linda Huggins, Coordinator;  Mary Ellen Shannon,  Registration;
Kay Spors and Kay Dejno,  Display.
Steffen Thomas Museum of Art will provide:
       *   pay for transportation of display frames to museum and back
       *   will display the Raffle Quilt in the museum for the duration of the show, and collect ticket sales
       *   will print flyers using photo of Raffle Quilt, mail to museum membership and give LOQG copies
            to distribute
       *   opening wine and cheese reception
Quilts can be sold during the show, but if sold must stay in show until the end.   The museum gets
30% of the sale price.
Schedule:    Show is from April 5 - June 2nd   2018
                      Registration Forms with Photos are due:  February 6th, 2018
                      Selection of Quilts:         the middle of March 2018
                      Frames Delivered:         last week in March
                      Quilts Delivered to LOQG:     Tuesday  April 3rd  (in pillow case with identification)
                      Quilts Hung:                            Wednesday April 4th
                       Show Opening Reception:     Thursday  April 5th
                       Show Closes                          Saturday June 2nd
                       Quilts Taken Down                 Monday June 4th
                       Quilts Delivered to LOQG      Tuesday June 5th
                      Frames Returned to  Joan Lucas
You may enter as many quilts as you have with awards.  The Art Director and museum staff will make the final selections.  The show is NOT juried.  Registration Forms will be available at Guild Meetings through Mary Ellen Shannon and/or Kay Spors.
Please get your registration forms in soon.

SHOW AND TELL - Connie Lord

As I am sure you have noticed,  I am doing things a little differently this year.  I need you to help me out with a few things.  If you are showing more then one thing please sign the sign-in sheet with all items together and have the pictures taken one after the other hopefully, in the order they are on the sign-in sheet.  Also on the sign in sheet put the name of quilt, if named, and a  brief note about it.  When I upload them to Facebook I want more then you standing there holding the quilt.  If you noticed, I post two pictures of most quilts, one with you holding the quilt and the other of only the quilt.  Note:  You can right click on the picture and save it for future use if you think you might want to save the photo for future use.  Also, printing on the sign-in sheet is preferred since my vision is not so good, or another way to say, some of don't write so well—like me.   When I post your quilt, I want to get it right and have the proper name attached to it.  I confess to not knowing everybody's names in Guild.  So if you would get your picture made in the order it is signed on the sheet will save me “hours” of grief when I get home. 
Also, you don't need to be in groups.  Just watch and get ready to show whenever.  I think it works best to show all your items while you are up on stage.  Please say something about it because we are interested in HOW and WHY you made the quilt. 
NOW about the scissor: I am keeping track of who is showing this year and will award scissors to our industerious presenters.  If you have a bunch of little scissors from last year, give them to me and I will give you your well-deserved scissors from last year. 

Those of us who took Regina's class are asked to bring our project, finished or unfinished, to show at the November meeting.  

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