Lake Oconee Quilt Guild Newsletter    Mar 2018
REMINDER: The next Guild meeting is Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2018.
In this issue: PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE - Carolyn Wren

It looks like Summer is here early!  Are you ready for it?  How about those Challenge quilts?  We will be asking for a number of those who are working on the Challenge.
Did everyone enjoy seeing Mark Sherman?  I thought his program was very good.  Those who took his workshop seemed to have learned a lot.  I'm looking forward to our next meeting where Mary Kay will be doing the program.  She is such a plus for our Guild.
I hate to have to bring up the same subject, but we need people to sign up for positions for next year.   My chart only has one name.   If we don't get anyone at the next meeting, we need to decide how to end our Guild; you know it doesn't work without volunteers.


* President
Vice President
* Membership
* Treasurer
Programs Chairman
Ways and Means (Raffle Quilt, Auction)
Special Projects (Raffle Table, Show and Tell, Library)
Social Chairman

* Denotes Voting Position

PROGRAMS - Barb Pailloz

Everyone in Mark Sherman’s workshop really enjoyed learning new techniques.
This month’s program will feature Mary Kay Mouton with a lecture and trunk show, with all new quilts, at our usual meeting time on Tuesday.
Beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Mary Kay will teach paper piecing.  The class is aimed at Beginners but since this is the last class that she will be teaching, she wants to invite experienced Paper-piecers.  For Beginners, she will provide paper foundations, written directions, cutting templates, etc., at no charge.  Participants need to bring an assortment of dark and light fabrics, starched and pressed.  For those who are experienced, you may bring a project that you’re working on.  Mary Kay will be there to help with any problems or questions that you may have.  Bring your machines with an open-toe foot and your usual sewing supplies.  Please note that the class description and supply list are available on our LOQG website under Programs.
Future programs/workshops for 2018:
April – Jan Cunningham – Confessions of an A D D Quilter
May – Bonnie Hunter


LIBRARY - Kathy Sands & Jenni Black

Thanks to everyone who visited the library and checked out books last month.  Hope we have many more come around to see our huge selection of great quilting books.  Just a reminder though, the library is not responsible for magazines, patterns, material, etc.,   that you wish to share with Guild Members.  Please put them out  before the meeting and collect whatever is not taken before you leave.  Thank you.


Library books due at the March meeting:


"Rolling Along Easy Quilts from 2-1/2" Strips"  - Millicient Zamirowski

"The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting" - Susan Guss

"Successful Machine Quilting" - Joyce Dell

"Simply Successful Applique" - Chloe Harper

""Elegant Cotton - Wool-Silk Quilts"  - Linda Huggins

"The Ultimate Quilting Book"  - Theresa Jackson

"101 Full-Size-Quilt Blocks and Borders" - Shari Ball

"Easy Quilts" - Nancy Veal

"Amish Quilt Stories and Techniques" - Kay Crane:

"Family Ties - Old Quilt Patterns from New Cloth" - Kay Crane:

"Log Cabin Quilts With Attitude" - Kay Crane:

"Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts" - Kay Crane:

"Adventures with Leaders and Enders" - Kay Crane

See you all in March!






MEMBERSHIP - Libba Holmes, Julie Elder

What a difference a month makes!  We now have 111 dues-paid Members of LOQG.  At our February meeting, we had 67 sign in, plus 6 new Members, and 3 guests.  Counting our fabulous speaker and his assistant, we had 78 people on record for the meeting.  If you forgot to sign in, you were not counted, so please remember to sign in at the membership table each month.  
We give a special welcome our newest Members:  Joyce Dell, Theresa Jackson, Sonya Winterrowd, Monica Sirmans, Nancy Lambert, and Sharon Rockholt.  New Members, when you come to the next meeting, please check the information beside your name on the sign-in roster to make sure we have put it into the computer correctly and let us know of any mistakes.  Also, you may pick up your name tag and membership card.
Thanks, everyone, for remembering to wear your name tags.  Hope to see you all at our March 6 meeting.  

WAYS AND MEANS - Kathryn Roper

Raffle tickets are on sale for our Queen Size quilt (87.5 “ by 96.5”).  Drawing will be June 5th, 2018, the last meeting of this LOQG year.  This beautiful quilt is an original design by Mary Kay Mouton and was constructed by Mary Kay and 32 other Guild Members from fabrics largely donated by even more Members.  The quilt has 2310 pieces; 414 turned-edge applique, 1437 pieces on the front and 459 pieces on the back, and long-arm quilted by Carol McRae.
Tickets will sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  Tickets are bundled in packets of 30 for $25.00.  The goal is for each Member to purchase a $25.00 packet; more would be great! W
e still have 43 packets that haven't been picked up.  We have collected $1,828.00 so far.  I would like to remind Members that, after March, I will be using these tickets for the quilt show at the Steffens Thomas Museum of Art.  If you are unable to sell your packet, please inform me so that I can sell your tickets to other Members.
Selling 30 tickets for this spectacular quilt should be easy!

RAFFLE TABLE - Sally McKinley

We’ll have some really nice fabrics and notions on this month’s Raffle Table.  We can never have enough of those, so bring extra dollars!
  Hope to see everyone at the March meeting!  


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